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First of all remember the significant energy savings; this type of lighting allows you to create light effects and unique environments with customization and the combination of products that suit the type of furniture, or the quantity and quality of light desired.

LED lighting advantages
• operating time (the high-output LEDs come to about 50,000 hours)
• no maintenance costs • high efficiency (compared to incandescent and halogen)
• Clean light without IR and UV components
• Easy realization of efficient plastic optics
• saturated colors
• possibility of a strong spot effect (almost point source)
• safe operation because very low voltage (normally between 3 and 24 Vdc)
• cold-start (up to -40 ° C) without problems
• insensitivity to moisture and vibration
• flexible installation of the light
• absence of mercury
• duration not affected by the number of on / off switches

Energy saving:
The lamps Illuminant diffused light consume between 50 and 75% of electric energy in less of the best existing products.

Long duration:
The LED lamps have over 50,000 hours of continuous power, at least 4 times the length of the best technologies, with an impact on maintenance costs that diminish drastically (something at least 15/18 years of continuous use) compared to lamps traditional.

Reducing pollution:
in these lamps are not hazardous substances such as heavy metals, no mercury and since they need very little energy, help to reduce the production of CO2 also the LED lights do not produce ultraviolet and infrared and, unlike other lighting technologies have not probblemi disposal because it does not contain pollutants, such as mercury and metal halide.

Insensitivity to shocks
Lamps Led easily withstand vibration and shock problems and do not have an ignition delay, as is the case with many other energy saving lamps.

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