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At a time when the economic situation and the growing sensitivity to the environment require us to rethink the way we produce and viviere, the possibility of reducing by more than half the energy required to illuminate our workplaces, roads, public spaces, sports facilities has become a real opportunity and apply immediately.
The LED lamps are established precisely to meet these new demands by offering a complete range of lamps to low power consumption thanks to LED technology, dedicated to the specific needs of the sectors Industrial and Commercial.

LED lamps and lighting systems coordinated through a quality principle offer over 50,000 hours life span, better quality and efficiency of the light beam, a low maintenance (almost zero) as well as a significant reduction of the energy bill.

The lamps for old generation industrial environments have the highest consumption, but thanks to the continuous evolution of LED technology today you can replace each luminaire having the same (or better) performance of very low power consumption.

The systems designed for industries are varied:
• bell Reflectors
• linear ceiling
• High-efficiency lamps

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