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An incandescent light bulb is a LED light bulb which uses LED as its filaments.
Light is emitted by four LED filaments evenly and uniformly
in all directions, instead of concentrating in a specific area
the way in which many LED bulbs do. It features a close
resemblance to the traditional incandescent bulb.
However the LEDs filaments are placed within the
glass enclosure in four sides to ensure that the light
It is spread in all directions. A superfluous aluminum
die for heat dissipation was no longer necessary.
Incandescent lights LEDs are perfect for homes, hotels,
restaurants, bars and places where the classic style and
aspect is critical.
These bulbs also distribute omni-directional light.
They are equipped with a 360-degree viewing angle with very
transparent glass. This is in contrast with the other LED light bulbs
provide light in only one direction.
The LED lighting has developed significantly in recent years due to the numerous advantages it offers compared to traditional lighting system with fluorescent lamps.

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